The contrasting world in which we live teaches us of our deep need for belonging and deep healing. It is difficult to do this alone. We need the loving companionship of others and the experience of how deeply connected we are as human beings.  

Sometimes, cancer or a difficult loss is the contrast that ruptures and upturns the life we have created. Illness can also be what shakes up and awakens us, to help us reconnect to ourselves and our path.   


The healing circle provides a safe and nurturing space in which to explore our own healing. It helps us step out of the routine and daily rhythm and together to find ways to start deepening our capacity to heal ourselves, each other, and the world.    

Our circles are small, confidential, and free. We follow the format of the global initiative Healing Circles Global, with whom we collaborate to support the emergence of integrative healing spaces in Bulgaria and Europe.   

Specific to healing circles is the sharing in a sacred space and the lack of guidance and advising. Every circle is a mix of sharing and silence, compassion and curiosity. In the space of a circle, you could find meaning in the challenge of cancer, witness the suffering of yourself and others, and explore your choice and capacity for healing.  


The healing circles take place online, on the Zoom platform, and well as in regular intervals in person. They are free, with an option to donate. Your support helps us to continue offering this space to people who need it.    

We offer and are developing the following Healing Circles: