Healing Circles that support us to walk together in times of suffering after a loss connected to the oncological diagnosis and treatment.

The losses we suffer are very diverse. The loss of organs, fertility, daily routing, work, hope, the dream for a better future or loving relationship can bring with it pain and grief.  

In todays society we often feel deprived of the right to grieve. And if we are not supported in creating a space and time for our suffering, we cannot access our healing.  

In this circle, all losses are validated, and it is safe to grieve. The healing circle helps us share and experience the sorrow, loss and suffering, in our own way.  

To live with loss doesn’t mean to foget or to severe the connaection. Healthy grief means we can renew our connection with what is lost, and to find a life-affirming way to carry this loss, to warm up to it. To remember the parts of ourselves which are lost after the experience of loss, and to reorient in the relationship with ourselves, with each other, and the world.   

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