The Gergina Human Development Foundation method

The Gergina Human Development Foundation method

The focus of our work is on health & prosperity, for People and Planet.

Our motivation: We are facing multiple challenges for the future of humanity and the planet.

The two urgent and interlinked challenges we focus on, the rise of cancer and social exclusion, require us to open up to new and complementary ways of addressing the treatment of chronic diseases, marginality, and persistent poverty.

We see integral development as pathway to well-being and prosperity, and for transcending the ecological, social, and spiritual divides created by current methods of thinking and being in the world.

Whom do we target:

  • System – on the level of policy frameworks and structures, our focus is on how healthcare is organized and funded. We support policies and ecosystems affirming human well-being from salutogenic approach, rather than promoting drugs and technology oriented to treating pathologies.

We also focus on the structures of economy and prosperity, and support ecosystems affirming and promoting equality and belonging, rather than a narrower focus on competitiveness and poverty reduction.

  • Culture – we foster and support public dialogue and moral leadership, working to bring the prevalent cultural beliefs, identities, knowledge and practice to new levels that affirm human health and prosperity.

We pilot innovative solutions and support regenerative models for health and socio-economic prosperity that support people towards liberation, while respecting planetary boundaries.

  • Self – we work directly with and support individuals and groups on the journey towards authentic empowerment and healing.