The Gergina Human Development Foundation is dedicated to integral health and system change in the fields of oncology care and social cohesion.

It is registered as a nonprofit, public benefit foundation in Bulgaria, and works to empower and support people and communities in their authentic path to healing.

Gergina Human Development Foundation

Supporting better policy, better practice, and better care.

We believe there is an inextricable link between the state of health of individuals, society, and our planet today.

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My Story

Breaking the cycles of chronic illness and persistent poverty requires an integral approach that is both multi-dimensional and multi-sectoral. It calls for moral leadership and expanded ecosystem awareness.

Our work is focused on the spheres of system, culture, and the self.

We support transformative change that strengthens the immune system of people and society.

We pilot and blueprint innovative solutions and support the conditions for their scaling.

This, we believe, is the pathway toward well-being, authentic prosperity, and liberation.

Georgia Efremova / Founder
About Us

GERGINA Human Development Foundation

Integral policy

We promote and advance systemic change in the field of healthcare and social prosperity across Europe, with an initial focus on Bulgaria.

This includes advocating for enabling health and equity frameworks that expand support and resources from a predominant focus on drug and technology development toward integral medicine, social infrastructure, and human care.

GERGINA Human Development Foundation

Integral practice

We support integrative medicine by building a bridge between complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and mainstream institutional facilities.

We promote and support integral research and training programs at the intersection of psychology, medical science, anthropology, and economic development.

We foster dialogue, joint learning, and communities of practice focused on innovation for health, cohesion, and prosperity.

We support health promotion and prevention initiatives as the ultimate cure.

GERGINA Human Development Foundation

Integral care

We aim to establish and operate centers promoting an integral approach to health and cohesion, bringing together a range of practices that support physical as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We pilot innovative programmes delivering tailored individual and community support for people, especially women, and youth, on their path to empowerment and authentic healing.

Lighthouse Project

Our signature project is creating a single restorative space for learning, connecting, and healing, for people and the community: the Gergina Heal House.

This will be the first such innovative center for integral health in Central and Eastern Europe, focused on oncology care and social cohesion.

We believe these two urgent and interlinked challenges require us to open up to new ways of addressing the treatment of cancer, chronic diseases, and social polarization.

We are inspired by lighthouse examples in the West which point the way to the holistic care of the future. And we tap into local resources and indigenous knowledge preserved in the land of Bulgaria, carried through time and being developed there today. We seek to unite the cutting edge understanding and advances in modern science with timeless wisdom and resources.

We see such novel integral practices from the spheres of psychoneuroimmunology, ecosystem medicine, contemplative systems, and expressive therapies as a way of transcending the ecological, social, and spiritual divides that characterize our present.

Our Story

My name is Georgia Efremova.

I founded Gergina Human Development Foundation building on a decade-long career in public policy, strategic investments, and integrated social development, preceded by five years spent in the private sector straddling banking and corporate consulting.

My most compelling motivation is the personal healing journey that began five years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer. This transformative adventure has taught me much about life, love, and the universe we are part of.

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