We organize live community meets that bring together integrative therapists and health professionals, people on the healing journey after a cancer diagnosis and their loved ones, social orgaisation, and artists around the vision of fostering a wider community and ecosystem for integral health in Bulgaria and Europe.   

The meetings are a combination of keynote talks, sharing, and learning circles on the  

topics of holistic oncology and radical healing, which unite the newest from international research and healing practice and local wisdom and healing traditions. 

The next Community Meet will take place on June 3, 2024.   


You can see our past events here 

Community Мeet: Health & Freedom  

Radical healing and salutogenic approaches in the health and social sphere.  


Community meet: Perspectives from integrative medicine on cancer, the person, and society  

First community meet featuring a keynote by Dr. Nonna Petrova, founder of the European Society for Integrative Medicine in Bulgaria.