Healing circles support the transition through the cycles of life, the encounter with death, and conversations without the “elephant in the room.” 

It may be difficult to talk about the fact that we are dying with people who love us and are deeply invested in our survival. Accepting and planning for one’s death may be seen as a failure, capitulation, or lack of will to ‘fight’.  

This circle is a space where people with terminal diagnosis or final stages of life can talk openly about their experience, without the “elephant in the room”. 

How would my death look? How can I meet the fear of death? The pain of unlived life, or the people and things I leave behind? How can I speak about my death with my loved ones? We hold the space and support each other in these moments.   

The first in Bulgarian Healing Circles Transitions will start in the summer of 2024, online in the Zoom platform.   

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