“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”. Nietzsche’s wise words became foundational for logotherapy, developed by Victor Frankl as a form of treatment through uncovering the meaning of our predicaments. 

Meaning is not always easy to access or create but remains paramount. For if we don’t know the meaning of the suffering we are experiencing, it matters not when it would end, or how long it would last. 

Finding meaning is especially difficult in the occurrence of cancer, which arrives suddenly, often brings devastation, and activates all our fears. But every decision, and every step, we can make with a greater dose of either love or fear. 

It is love that affirms life and that brings us a step closer to freedom.  

Can we love in the face of uncertainty? It is easier to take that walk toward our hearts together. 

  • If you are facing an oncological diagnosis and need support in navigating the disorienting first phase before deciding on the course of treatment 
  • If you are undergoing or have already completed treatment, but are still unsure how to really live ‘after’, or what for   
  • If you have a loved one you would like to support better, but do not know how 
  • If you are mourning the loss of someone or something dear, including the loss of your future life as you had imagined it 

No matter where you are, it is never late to open your heart and access that meaning. To make a choice, or take a next step, out of love, supported. 

We support each other in this journey home towards our hearts.  

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