Nataliya Kardzhalyiska

Nataliya Kardzhalyiska

Nataliya Kardzhalyiska is a psychologist and hypnotherapist, a specialist in communications, and an experienced personal development trainer.

She is a lead psychology counsellor and training expert at the Little Prince Private Language School in Varna since 2015, and author of the innovative Effective Parenting Academy.  She designs and leads educational seminars helping contemporary parents to actively communicate with their children, making use of innovative tools for developing personal awareness and communication skills.

Natali leads a successful private therapeutic practice since 2015, working with children, teenagers, couples, and adults. She is specialised in personal and group conflict resolution.  She has extensive experience working with persons with oncological diagnoses and has accompanied many through their healing journeys, working through the themes of transformation, the meaning of life and death, and loss and mourning.

Natali has extensive experience in the development of signature transformative and experiential group trainings, immersive seminars, and retreats since 2018.  She is a co-designer and trainer at the signature retreat training ‘The House’, and the formats ‘Story Therapy Workshop’, ‘Ethno House Workshop’, and ‘Art Therapy Workshop’, among others.

Natali is also trained in applied kinesiology. She has a passion for working with and supporting people at the intersection of the mind, medicine, and the soul. She believes in the infinity of human possibilities, resources, and potentials— and is inspired by their activation, and by observing the Miracle – called Life.

The name Nataliya, from the Latin “Natale domine”, means “birth, motherland, ancestral” and above all means “Christmas”. It reflects her affinity for systemic family therapy and the examination of all that we carry within us as codes – both consciously and unconsciously, and that secures our belonging to a given lineage and community; and beyond that, to humankind, to the universe as a creation, and our authentic individuality.

Natali lives in Varna. She is a loving mother and likes spending time with her family and traveling. She is strongly inspired by travels that reflect the journeys toward herself and her relationship with nature. She also draws inspiration from the knowledge and teachings of the Soul, which afford her the space and the experience of immensity, and fuel her striving for expansion as a person.

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