The HERO’s JOURNEY Programme

The HERO’s JOURNEY Programme

This pilot program will design and pilot a methodology based on experiential learning, to support group therapy work for people diagnosed with cancer.

We seek to develop an immersive experience for people at different points of the oncological journey, to empower them to expand awareness, meaning and choice. The program will also be designed as innovative and experimental research into the technologies of social transformation, at the frontier of psycho-social support and healing in the field of oncology and beyond.

The pilot follows a salutogenic approach, whose starting orientation is to look for the origins of health and to engage individuals’ assets and endowed resources. The approach focuses on reestablishing a sense of coherence and thus furthering individual and collective health and well-being. The methodology builds on the Gene Keys system for human development and integrates additional therapeutic modalities from the CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) space to support transformation and unlock resources for change.

The central premise of the program is that whilst the cancer experience is normally a period of great distress, anguish and fear, such contrasting times are also when the individual enjoys the greatest access to resources. While everyone has an individual path and unique experience, a group learning process could enable a breakthrough that can be hard to reach on one’s own.

This program is for people wishing to embark on a learning path to decode the personal message illness brings, support their healing, and access authenticity and peace. Next to group therapy work facilitated by a network of certified experts and practitioners, guidance and support will be provided for personal practice and integration of additional healing modalities adapted to each person’s experience and circumstances.

The program’s launch is planned for 2023, with a pilot group duration of 8 months. More information will be posted soon. Please contact us if you wish to receive more information, to enroll into, or support the pilot!