Mariya Petkova

Mariya Petkova

Mariya Petkova is a psychotherapist under supervision at the School of Genuine Psychotherapy, an actress, and a group leader.

She leads a successful practice for psychological counseling, combining approaches from genuine psychotherapy, energy psychology, regression hypnotherapy, constellation system approaches, and others. She supports people to achieve emotional, mental, and energetic health, constantly enriching her toolkit and skills.

The spectrum of tools she uses includes the flower essences of Dr. Bach, TES – a technique for emotional freedom, Matrix reimprinting, suggestopedia and artistic expression, the Yager code , the Gene Keys system, etc.

She has a special interest in oncology and the psycho-spiritual support of people on their journey to healing and wholeness. With the tools she uses, she helps clients access relief, comfort, and inner peace– regardless of the circumstances, and the difficulties along the way. She supports people to look for the real causes of problems, and for their comprehensive solutions.

Mariya believes that healing comes with awareness, transforming blocking convictions and beliefs into life-affirming ones, but also with a complete change of attitude toward oneself, toward the situation, and Life. Healing begins by focusing on the inherent positive potential and strengths of the person.

She has experience in leading weekly psycho-emotional attunement groups, experiential psychotherapy groups, workshops, and retreats.  She draws strength and inspiration from nature and art.

Mariya lives and works in Sofia. She is a mother, a Capricorn, a beloved woman. A person of freedom and a seeker of truth. Manifestor.

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