Elka Atanasova

Elka Atanasova

Elka Atanasova is an accomplished human resource and development professional with diverse expertise in holistic healing modalities including family constellation, somatic experiencing, and authentic movement.  

She has joined Gergina Foundation’s Healing Circles teams for accompaniment in living with cancer and grief and loss. 

Elka also brings with her extensive leadership experience in the field of Human Resources Management, business partnership, and employee wellbeing from her professional engagement in several international companies. She has a particular interest in contemporary, child-centered education and is one of the founders of the first Democratic School in Bulgaria. 

Elka holds an MBA in Organizational Development from Sofia University. She is a Chartered Member of CIPD UK, Insights Discovery accredited practitioner, and Mental Health First Aid.  

Elka has studied an array of healing modalities following the inner call for more presence in life. These include Usui Reiki – an energy healing method and spiritual practice, Past life regression therapy following the method of Dolores Cannon, Authentic Movement, and Psychobiology. On the path, Elka was influenced by the Indian Mystic and spiritual teacher Osho. Elka has trained in Family constellations with Bhagat, the Who-is-in process of self-inquiry with Ganga and Jivan Sunder and the Star Sapphire method for balancing inner polarities wit Amar Leela, Moumina, and Safar. 

Elka is also completing her qualification in Somatic Experiencing, offering trauma-informed therapy of Peter Levine to help people release stress and tension stored in the body, promoting emotional and physical healing. 

She is a passionate Gurdjieff movement and Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms practitioner. 

Through her personal journey of searching for the inner truth, Elka has become a believer in the capacity of every person to heal and experience joy in life.